23rd Isle of Mull Disc Golf Classic

Round two of the The Quaich Tour

This weekend Andrew Lamb and Jim Davis will be representing Moray Disc Golf by heading over to the stunning Isle of Mull to participate in four rounds of 18 holes with the hope of getting into the 6 hole final for their divisions at Fanmore. The event is also a long running fixture in the BDGA Tour Events.

Isle of Mull Disc Golf Course

Credit goes to the mystery photographer, please get in touch with ACE

Disc Golf on the Isle of Mull

The course is located at a croft called Fanmore which is one of, if not, the oldest disc golf course in the UK and well worth the journey. Facing West looking over the Isle of Ulva the steep landscape offers spectacular views and challenging play, particularly in windy conditions.

I am really looking forward to the weekend, the last event at Reboot was a lot of fun and the people are very friendly and encouraging to new players. It was some 13 odd years ago that Disc Golf was briefly introduced to me at a Stag Weekend that Gremlin was hosting at his croft on Mull for friends that knew each other from Zambia. It will be great to see Gremlin after all these years on his home turf. We got some practice in today in preperation as seen in the video, hopefully we will see the less wind and more sun than today!

There are some excellent images, course maps and information at the Mull Disc Golf website and it is never to late to register if you are looking for something amazing to do this coming Easter Weekend!

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