Autumn on its Way in Scotland!

Goodbye Summer, hello Autumn…

2013 has to be the best Scottish summer in living memory with no complaints here!  With record high temperatures and the lowest water levels we have experienced on the Rivers Findhorn and Tay since Ace began in 1996. One of the local farmers in his seventies remarked in July that it had been the hottest he could ever remember.

These recent events certainly make it challenging to run an outdoor activities center with white water rafting at its heart and it is testament to the staff that we managed to maintain the exceptionally high positive feedback we receive from customer satisfaction surveys and as can be seen on Tripadvisor.

Enourmous Rosehip at Daltulich Bridge

Autumn is shaping up to be equally as remarkable, encapsulating perfectly the quintessential essence of blazing color, changeable weather and winds strong enough to blow the milk out of your tea. Yes the summer now a relic of the past withering blaeberries, song birds fattened are less frequent visitors to the feeding table. All signs confirmed by an early turn to yellow from the birch and bracken, Autumn has arrived.

Autumn has to be a favorite for the outdoor enthusiast, with winter bearing down, days shortening by a persistent marching of minus five minutes triggers an ancient ancestral urgency to make the most of the year before settling in for the quiet time. Feet up in front of a blazing fire and an epic read or is that cave painting.  For for some of us the long flight to the other side of the world chasing an endless summer and with it the majesty of ten day rafting expeditions on the Franklin River.

Depending on how receptive you feel toward old wives tales or perhaps clear signs of nature, we are likely to be in for an equally remarkable winter in Scotland. Rowan Tree berries are generous, particularly in size, with Rose Hip extraordinarily humongous! All the while late blaeberries much smaller in stature than the norm were not to be denied a sweetness and flavour worthy of awards. Can you not affirm from your harvest of this years natural larder?

Rowan Berries

Having possibly missed out on the remarkable flavours that were afforded from the Summer of 2013 make sure to make the most of our best outdoor adventure experiences in Scotland this Autumn;

From the River Tay Ace base the Keltney Burn Canyon trip is in truly awesome with surrounds of mature mixed forest which will distract the eye from some of the heady cliff jumps.

From the Moray Ace base near Aviemore and Inverness our signature adventure activity, white water rafting on the lower gorge of the River Findhorn is mind blowing in Autumn. Picture floating through calm pools interspersed with exceptional rapids for white water rafting, deep in a heavily wooded gorge of Oak, Ash, Scots Pine and Birch. The wind howling across the top of the gorge edge blasting great swathes of leaf color that rains down the still space in the gorge where mouth ajar, jaw dropped time stands still for that perfect moment.

Bungee Jump from the Killiecrankie Visitor Center in Perthshire stand at the edge of your launch pad, gazing out over the River Garry and marvel, feet tied, then leap for that split second, as you plummet, a psychedelic blaze of color blurs across your vision, fear, exhilaration, bungee!


Jim Davis

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