Chloe Hunter & Project Trust

Teaching Maths & Physics in Zambia

project trust

Chloe Hunter recently got in touch with ACE to help with her efforts to raise funds for Project Trust and as always we are happy to do our bit to help.

Having been selected to go to Zambia in August 2016 for a year to voluntarily teach maths and physics to secondary school children, Chloe will be living as a local for the year getting to know their culture and lifestyles whilst teaching and developing her own life skills.

Chloe needs to raise £6,200 and will be from fundraising, sponsorship and grants. A number of events will be hosted including a masquerade ball in January and there are items to raffle off. ACE has provided £100.00 worth of activity vouchers to help toward the target.

A sponsored bungee jump is also scheduled for the 6th of December at Killiecrankie.

Project Trust

Is an educational charity sending school leavers in their year out to work voluntarily in over 20 countries. They aim to provide volunteers educational experience through living and working with people in communities very different to those in which they grow up in, without taking work from local people.

For more information visit the Project Trust website

If you would like to support Chloe or find out about some of her events get in touch with ACE and we can give her your details.


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