Happy New Year for 2015 fellow Adventurers

Wishing everyone an enriched 2015

Autumn Raft

ACE wish everyone a successful and more importantly a year that brings forward some of the more meaningful, valuable aspects of living that are often put on the back burner.

With the holiday season more or less done and dusted, its back to the real world of working amid the day to day ebb and flow of life in a modern world. Today something that has been in bubbling away in my mind came to the full light of day and it seems only logical to share these thoughts.

Normally at this time of year I would be running 10 day expeditions in Tasmania thoroughly pursuing my passion for white water rafting and re-charging my Why!

For a change this Christmas and New Year quality time was spent with family here in Scotland. To say the least, a wonderful enriching time was had by all and it never ceases to amaze me to see everyone grow and develop, all the more accelerated with uninterrupted focused time together. 

During this period a great deal of time was spent reflecting on the past and planning for the future. With so many burning projects in the pipeline it was time to whittle out which ones were going to be core focus and which were assigned to the dusty archives. Stop and think then the worms are out!

Without the Tasmanian summer of wilderness expeditions and absence of technology, no phones, computers or artificial stimulus to subconsciously re-charge my Why. Instead of comforting sleep, questions in the dead of the dark windy biting Scottish winter nights stewed as to, indeed, Why…..

You might be forgiven for thinking these were thoughts born from not being in Tasmania or a yearning to escape the Scottish winter. Winter in Scotland is truly amazing.

Family Smiling Rafting

The Why question was was deeper and it involved feelings of what should be happening, which was cracking on with work for ACE, instead of being in a state of inactivity for what appeared no reason.

Who is ACE and why do we go about our business?

Reading the About ACE page on the website will give a little insight into an answer. Quite likely if skim read, may be contrived as some corporate lip service and marketing best practice. From a quote read today likely fuelled the connection of these musings highlighting a perception of the recent mindset.

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.” – John F Kennedy

It’s important for me to understand why and is essential to navigate a true course when occasionally straying from the path.

Needless to say the ACE about us page needs updated. It can be very hard to put a Why into words, particularly when it is formed from the gut or inner mind where logic and reason don’t reside. Today it seems those feelings, impulses and actions that drove the cause of the last decade have come to the forefront and are clearly illustrated in my mind in such a way that can be conveyed.

ACE is a philanthropic organisation whose purpose is to enhance peoples lives promoting physical and emotional well being in a fun environment.

While we always had a clear why when Ace Adventure formed, which for me was originally; to create awareness and value of the environment, particularly rivers by getting people out there amongst it and therefore benefiting themselves. The name Ace Adventure was initially thought of as a good name with some alphabetical advantages for directory listings.

Hours were originally spent on trying to think of a suitable acronym, however it was not until a few years later when we all undertook personal development coaching that the perfect acronym appeared, as if by magic when the time was right. Ace had grown into a larger more meaningful entity.

Adventure – Condition – Essence

ACE is an acronym for Adventure – Condition – Essence. We have put it on our letterheads and business paperwork for some years and until now has largely been kept from the public domain.


Is about getting out there into nature for a spiritual connection with the beauty of the natural world, challenging yourself, building self esteem and comradery.


Obtained from physical exercise and fresh air. The benefits are obvious and far reaching both physically and psychologically.


Represents character, being trustworthy and thoughtful. Looking out for one another and working as a team.


These three powerful words fully represent the shared core values at ACE which are Fun, Trust, Thoughtful and Passion.

The ACE core values are the foundation of What we do. Firm belief is held that due to these very values the team at ACE experience enjoyable rewarding service to our customers which is echoed from the humbly appreciated feedback and reviews we get being rated number 1 on Trip Advisor, the Ace Facebook Page and numerous other sources.

ACE are a conduit for emotional growth, increased physical awareness and ability to appreciate the natural world.. The adventure activities and comfortable wild camping accommodation are how we deliver what we do for this very reason….


“When you work at, or as a guest, visit ACE. You leave a better person”

All the best

Jim Davis
Founder & Managing Director




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