Interruption to our Business Landline with BT

Landline Interruption

We apologise for the interruption to our primary business land line towards the end of February.

The 01309 611 729 line in now open once more and semi functional with answering services for messages still yet to be accessible.

BT Accidental Disconnection

For the second time now in two years BT have accidentally disconnected our primary business line. The result was disconnection of broadband and internet services along with not being able to receive incoming enquiries.

Why did it happen?

Next door to the ACE Adventure Auchnagairn business premises is a domestic house which is leased out by Logie Estate. The last two times a new tenant has moved in and contacted BT for a phone line it has resulted in BT disconnecting the primary business line to ACE Adventure.

Likely issues causing the confusion for BT

Some time ago repair work by BT or Open Reach was carried out on the line that comes up to the Auchnagairn site from the road. At the road there is 5 x two pair cable, at the house there is 5 x 2 pair cable. In the middle the repaired it with 2 x 2 pair cable…..

The consequence of this short cut is it is now only possible to have two lines to the site.

There has also been a significant drop in internet speed since that repair to the line was carried out. There have been several complaints and engineers out but never has it been resolved properly as it was.

Where did BT go wrong?

While we cant possibly provide the reason for the miscommunication that resulted in a business line being cut after the request of a residential installation, we can detail the experience and findings to date.

ACE Staff contacted BT once it was evident the line was disconnected. A log of time spent by staff contacting BT has been compiled and is to be frank, staggering howmuch time was spent.

Since the 28th February and to the time of writing this all services are still not reconnected as they were.

The recent bill from BT includes fees for reconnection and early cancellation under contract.

Call Answer dial tone can be heard but cant be accessed.

Overall customer service has been atrociously inefficient, after all it was a mistake made by BT.

A cancellation notice letter was issued stating we had 6 days to notify BT if we did not want the line disconnected. That arrived after the line was disconnected.

What could BT have done?

Called ACE Adventure to confirm before disconnecting the line.

Once disconnected allocated the issue to a higher level that dealt with the whole issue in BT’s time liasing with the various departments. Rectified the problem in an appropriate time frame, ensured it was tested and correctly working as before, ensured billing would be correct and provided compensation for lost business

Where are we at?

Given the exact same thing happened pretty much 12 months ago we had the contact details for a complaints department under the CEO of BT. The number for that departments is 0800 032 5115. We spoke just today with a Mr. Colin Davidson who initially requested I contacted billing but on further explanation and insistence that BT need to deal with all of this and in their time, said would pass on to an administration department and that I would be contacted. When asked what time frame the was no answer. Fingers crossed as we have great faith in Colin and he is Scottish which is a bonus.

What needs corrected now is:

  • Answer service to 01309 611 729
  • Correct billing as we would not expect to pay for any disconnection and connection services or penalties for early breach of contract
  • Compensation for staff time
  • Compensation for lost business
  • Correct repair of the line to the premises
  • Apology and assurance that it wont happen a third time (this may require some changes to policy and procedure)

Given ACE Adventure is a small business dealing with a giant we are pretty helpless at the end of the day and can only hope that BT have the fortitude to correct the mistake they made. Its a tight community at ACE and we have several mouths to feed, interruptions like this distress the business and make it all to apparant the vulnerabilities faced as a small business.

Our continued experience and journey will be made available on social media channels




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