Raising Funds for the MS Society

Douglas MacMillan Cycles from London to Paris

On the long road

On the long road

ACE Adventure are supporting Douglas fabulous efforts to spread the word and raise funds for the the MS Society by cycling from London to Paris.

The journey will be over four days covering 420 kilometres for the purpose of raising awareness and funds for the MS Society who provide assistance for research into multiple sclerosis which is the most common autoimmune disorder affecting the central nervous system.

Please share and support Douglas raise funds and awareness for this devastating neurological condition which affects more than 2.5 million people.

ACE have donated an £85.00 full day white water rafting and cliff jumping gift voucher which will be auctioned off at a local event. Details to come or contact Douglas direct at douglas-mcmillan@live.co.uk

Congratulations to Douglas for exceeding is target of £1,400.00. At the time of writing there were 67 donations coming to a value of £2,290.00. Let’s get together and add another zero to the target!

Other ways to support are;

  • Simple and fast – Make a donation to the Just Giving Charity Page
  • A little more thought required – Contact Douglas with something for his auction douglas-mcmillan@live.co.uk
  • Effortless – Share the Facebook, Twitter and G+ posts


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