Recent Scottish Windstorm Creates Havoc

Power Cuts,Trees Uprooted and Snapped

The recent scottish windstorm that was dubbed Storm Rachel caused widespread havoc. At ACE we had power out for more than a week and a huge number of trees uprooted and snapped like toothpicks. Luckily little damage was done to buildings and thankfully no one was injured. There are some pretty impressive images in the gallery below.

Paintball Field and Disc Golf Course Damage

There were some very close calls to several disc golf baskets being crushed by the large number of fallen trees in the activity forest at Auchnagairn. Some trees were inches away from totally destroying the baskets which are used as “holes” to play disc golf. The course had recently been upgraded to host one of the tournaments for the Scottish Quaich Tour with a lot of time spent on clearing the fairways and course design.

“Looks like we will have to get the thinking caps back on once we clear the site and make it safe again as to how the course will be played. It may well be a blessing in disguise as we were looking to create another 9 holes at Blue rating meaning we needed some more length to the fairways.” Jim Davis, Managing Director

Access to the paintball field is completely obscured with the site looking like something from a Hollywood disaster film. There are a large number of big trees down with plenty caught up hanging from other trees so the site is totally unsafe to the public. Logie Estate will begin works early this week with heavy machinery to make the site safe and clear away the trees. The trees are a good size and mostly Larch which has a high value for building as it does not rot due to the resin content.

Nothing will be left to waste as the larger logs will be taken to the Mill at Altyre for milling, the backs coming back to the site for fence construction, some of the timber sold on and some retained for the campsite developments planned for 2015 at Auchnagairn. Limbs will be chipped and used in the biofurnace at Logie Estate.

Complimentary Year Long Paintball and Disc Golf Membership

Anyone who would like to help clear the site once the heavy machinery is off site and bring it all back to the former glory is invited to help out with the view to have the work finished by the end of January. In return to all those that help out ACE will offer a complimentary membership pass to play Disc Golf anytime for 2015 and no entry fee to play Paintball. The work will entail clearing tree debris and tidying up the fairways. If interested call 01309 611 729 or email


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