Recent Visitors from China & Taiwan White Water Rafting

Shen Foundation

Chinese & Taiwanese visit Scotland and go White Water Rafting with Ace!

Ace had the pleasure of hosting members of the Shen Foundation who through Daoist wisdom are dedicated to restoring harmony and balance on Earth.

Sixteen members of the Shen Foundation and two volunteer tour guides joined us on our most popular activity white water rafting and cliff jumping on the River Findhorn last Saturday. The youngest was only 11 years and while many had limited swimming ability the team at Ace adapted the trip accordingly so everyone could experience the ancient Sluie gorge in a well managed and safe way.  With the right training and operating procedures in place white water rafting on one of Scotland’s highest grade commercial rafting trips can be delivered with virtually no risk. Protective equipment for the clients along with well managed safety procedures make it possible for anyone including non-swimmers to enjoy thrilling white water, test their nerve on supervised cliff jumping into deep pools from as high as 20 feet and soak up the ambiance that the lower gorge has to offer. 

The dedicated team at Ace have international experience with providing adventure activities including popular Asian destinations. Not only did the clients have a brilliant day but all guides were on a high afterwards as can be seen from the image gallery of the day.

Shen Foundation

Established in 2008 as a registered charity and based locally in Forres, Scotland, then Shen Foundation seek to establish and foster links between East & West with the purpose of sharing ideas on sustainability to curtail and manage future potential crisis with both humanity and ecologically.

The ancient Chinese symbol known as “Shen” means miracle or divine spirit and symbolised the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

Volunteer tour guide, Mingming from Forres who is skilled in Acupuncture was of great assistance in ensuring the whole experience ran smoothly for everyone and huge thanks go out to her.  Her kind feedback was also of tremendous motivation for our dedicated team;

Thanks so much to the whole team for such a wonderful day yesterday. The entire group had a wonderful time. we came together at the end of the 5 days here in Forres to share what we liked most about the entire trip (from the whole 10 days –  5 in Edinburgh and 5 here) and the highlight of their entire stay was with you all! Ironically, despite the disabling fear aspect, they all loved the cliff jumping (or I should say jump) the most.

I’m also on a mission to tell everyone I’ve ever met about the activities you offer! I think the setup is wonderful and more people should have a chance to experience it! I’ll be facebook-ing the group’s activities over the next few days and passing out your vouchers to some of my students and colleagues. Will also plan to add your activities to the next tour.

If you ever wanted to put together a River – Walk – TaiChi camping weekend or some other wellbeing type activity please let me know. I would be very interested in seeing if something like that could work in the future.

We’re all about the wellbeing here. Shen Foundation works  with the global network of organisations all for the same Healthy lifestyle focus and getting back to nature and CCMS (Classical Chinese medicine society) is the social enterprise that I work within and offer basic Healing Qigong Tuition and Acupuncture through. If you were curious to know more, these are our websites and

Thanks again so much for everything,

Kind wishes,

Therese (Mingming)

The principles of the Shen Foundation align nicely with the company culture of Ace Adventure, ACE being a little known acronym for Adventure, Culture & Essence. The three principles which we make efforts to convey in our day to day business as adventure activity providers both with our staff and customers. Sustainable ecological systems are fundamental to the ongoing continuation of what we are passionately committed to.  Free flowing rivers are the arteries of the world and without these essential components of the wider systems we will all end up on that bridge to the heavens sooner than might be necessary.

We would like to thank the guests that joined us last Saturday and look forward to welcoming more visitors from overseas to showcase what is some of Scotland’s most remarkable landscape in a fun and exciting way.  The continued support and partnership with the Shen Foundation is greatly welcomed.

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