Tell us what you think!

Tell us what you think!

New Website Launched

After some years now of development, to-ing and fro-ing the new Ace site is up and running! The concept is a clean interface with the intention to make it is simple as possible for our clients to make an informed decision.

“Our view is more about the customer and less about trying to baffle people into booking with us with misrepresentation and in many cases downright nonsense.  We have worked incredibly hard over the years to be a leading activity provider in Scotland and our products speak for themselves. Every customer is encouraged to give us feedback which we listen to” Managing Director – Jim Davis

Having multiple locations like the Findhorn, Tay, Glasgow and Killiecrankie bring with it the potential to create confusion with use and navigation of a website which was one of the issues the old site had.  People struggled to find the product pages and once they did it was not so clear as to which location they were looking at.

Responsive Design

With mobile internet usage on the increase and the advantages smart phones offer to making life easy in an ever increasing time pressured world it was important to ensure the new Ace website was at the forefront and as future proof as possible.  Hence the two year launch delay! The Ace site will render on any browser and any device, adjusting the format to suit the device making it as intuitive as possible from the smallest smart phone screen to the largest cinema display.

Dynamic Mapping

The use of interactive dynamic maps ensures customers can easily identify where each product is precisely located.  Most rural locations have generic postcodes and invariably people end up close to the intended destination but not there.  At the expense of pestering people residing at the assigned Sat Nav postcode location and frustrating clients who arrive late and flustered. The location maps on the new Ace Adventure website have map pins that when clicked will bring up the location information and when you click “more information” takes you across to Google Maps where you can get detailed directions from your current location or any other place you specify.  On mobile devices it goes a step further and opens up your mapping app giving you directions on the hoof from your current location.

No-nonsense Detailed Product Descriptions

Each Ace Adventure activity has a detailed descriptions and booking page which uses the same layout and format for ease of comparison and knowing where to find the information you are after.  What it says on the tin if you like! Ace is committed to be real and all testimonials are from our real clients derived from the customer satisfaction surveys we do for every activity along. That’s why we are No1 against some stiff competition on Trip Advisor!

Online Booking

Secure encrypted online booking not only improves client payment security but also increases efficiency for handling logistics at Ace. The convenience for clients of online booking is evident with already 30% of bookings coming in online since the site went live a week ago. There are some exciting developments in the pipeline with the booking system to make it even more convenient for our customers, watch this space!

Quality Images

All the images uses are taken by Ace and directly represent the products they promote.  Again what’s on the tin! The sliding images have links directly to the activity booking page each image represents with the option to navigate between images. Ace are working closely with the image gallery host that provide access to over one hundred and twenty thousand customer images with a gallery display project that will blow your mind so watch this space.

In addition Ace is looking to build a quality resource of local information for our customers with the intention to make your visit to the areas we operate from the best possible experience available. Quality video descriptions are also in the pipeline for each activity and the Blog will be a source of informative and entertaining reading.


That’s what we think, how about you?  What is your experience with the site?

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One comment on “Tell us what you think!
  1. Kirst says:

    I love the new website, it’s much easier to navigate than the last one. The booking online function is also a big improvement, makes booking in much quicker than having to phone up.