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Canyoning in Scotland

Known under a number of guises, Canyon, Canyoneering, Gorge Walking and as many variations and forms including relatively passive strolls across steep sided valleys, more commonly called gorge walking through to complex vertical narrow canyons with varying levels of water flow.

Canyoning is an activity that requires a little physical fitness to get the most out of the amazing landscape you pass through. Typically you can expect cliff jumping into deep pools, whizzing down natural rock slides, various climbing techniques and descending waterfalls. Sometimes ropes are used for lowering or abseiling.

Canyoning Safety

Ace runs a number of canyoning trips throughout Scotland. We choose select locations that offer a variety of challenges and adventures in stunning landscapes. Guides are well trained and experienced and we have operating procedures in place to eliminate high risk factors such as flash flooding. Quality wet suits are provided to ensure you are warm and enjoy the experience in addition to personal protective equipment.

Canyoning on the Findhorn River in Scotland with Ace Adventure.

Canyoning Locations

Look hard enough and anywhere with hills or mountains and running water will inevitably have canyons to explore. Scotland is abundant with canyons, of which our favourites are the Allt a’Bhealaich near Aberfeldy and the Caochan a’ Bhodaich on the River Findhorn.

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