Outback 9 Hole- Blue Disc Golf Course

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Blue Outback 9 hole

Disc Golf Course

The Outback 9 is currently the most challenging disc golf course we have at ACE.  With a total length of 3977 feet or 1212 meters in new money. A mashup of open terrain and woodland offering gentle down hill glides and some very steep gradients both up and down on the shorter holes. There is plenty of opportunity to throw your disc into the wilds so this is not a course for a beginner shy of loosing a disc.

These 9 holes are numbered 19 to 27 sequentially after the first Red 9 and White 9 Disc Golf Courses.

Hole Descriptions

19th – Go West – Par 4 – 768 feet (234 meters)

A long open drive across a field to the mature Caledonian Pines. Heading for the golden strainer the Basket is just over the fence and quarter way down to the bog of doom. OB the fence excluding between the red strainers. Note: Not to be played when stock are in the field. Only cross fences at the styles. Leave any gates as you found them.

20th – Boomerang – Par 5 – 720 feet (234 meters)

Boom, the first drive is critical. Make it to the next stand of Caledonian Pine over the awkward left sloping ground for an improved chance to get through the sentinals standing guard of the basket near to the 19th Tee. With plenty of gorse to deter the short cut playing the line with accuracy will offers a bogie reward. OB Fence line to the Right of the Tee.

21st – Curl the Moe – Par 4 – 391 feet (119 meters)

This is the classic Handle Bar Moustache of a Disc Golf Fairway offering style and finesse. A narrow awkward right turning double bending fairway with little chance of blasting over the top with your big arm hammer. Watch out for messing up your hyzer and going far down the left bank, take a packed lunch.

22nd – Arch of Rohan – Par 3 – 348 feet (106 meters)

From an awkward Tee stance a long straight narrow fairway that drops off to the left. Throw with the view to put the disc through the Rowan Tree arch and fade is going to hurt.

23rd – Lukla Landing – Par 3 – 270 feet (82 meters)

Dropping out of the sky take a steep descent through a corridor of spruce then pulling up sharply to land neatly in the basket.

24th – Gundagai – Par 4 – 719 feet (219 meters)

Just like the song from Jack O’Hagan its a long way down the winding track (minus the old fashioned shack!). Another long narrow fairway that turns right, fade left and well your in the proverbial creek!. Note: Take care there are no players tee off from the 25th

25th – Stairway from Heaven – Par 3 – 270 feet (82 meters)

After looking out East over the field to the North Sea the Tee Stance drops down steeply through Larch with a well guarded Spruce gate. Make it through the gate to the burn for a long putt birdie chance or lay up short for a blind anhyzer to the basket.

26th – Dardanelles Campaign – Par 3 – 183 feet (56 meters)

With this uphill battle the Tee sits above the road to Gundagai and from the heightened perch instills the confidence of an uphill ACE. To manage that you will need some a big gun drive

27th – Two Up – Par 3 – 308 feet (94 meters)

As with the simple gambling game, from the first throw there are two options. You are a winner if you get a good lie for the second throw. OB The garden of the house, any areas of mud that are fenced off or marked, the burn to the left of the basket

Email: bookings@aceadventures.co.uk  | Tel: 01309 611 729