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Gaspar Goncz IRF

Gaspar is from Hungary and was originally a flatwater kayaker in his youth, going on to be a pro athlete. He realised there is more fun on whitewater than on flatwater, and switched to whitewater kayaking and rafting instead. Gaspar represented Hungary at the World Championships in several Whitewater and kayak disciplines, including White Water Rafting, Slalom Kayak, Freestyle Kayak, Wave-ski, Marathon Kayak and Kayak Sprint.

After many years spent kayak and raft-guiding, Gaspar went on educating himself further and soon became involved in organizing Raft Guide Training Programs on four continents. Gaspar is head of the IRF Guide Training and Education Committee as an IRF Assessor, responsible for the International Rafting Federation’s Guide Award Scheme, organizing IRF Instructor Workshops on various rivers around the globe. He has awarded IRF Instructor certifications in over 40 countries.

In addition Gaspar is a Rescue 3 Instructor and delivers Rescue 3 Whitewater and Swiftwater Rescue Technician Courses in Eastern Europe and some other exotic countries.

Founder of the one of its kind and truly unique Whitewater Rescue Race held annually in the Austrian Alps. Gaspar is also proud to produce state of the art WWTC throwbags and raft thwart bags, specially designed for whitewater and rescue use. A lot of research and testing had lead to great products with specific features that are preferred by professionals worldwide.

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