School Outdoor Learning

One of the most important things that Ace Adventures does is the work we do with schools and outdoor learning. We believe that children really are the future and that being exposed to nature, new experiences and new locations is an essential part of education and development. Outdoor Adventure Activities make us better people by helping understand ourselves, from there we are better equipped to understand others.

Through our activities Ace Adventures aims to:

Boost personal development

Enhance teamwork

Develop leadership skills

Encourage problem solving and self-awareness

Discuss flora and fauna and our place in the natural environment

Expose individuals to inspiring locations and exciting activities

The reason that outdoor learning and school trips with Ace Adventures are so successful is the subtle combination of teaching whilst participation in amazing activities.  This way groups remain engaged, involved and the lessons learned are remembered – due to the process being such a memorable experience.

Each school and outdoor learning adventure is planned to suit each specific group so you can be assured that your Ace Adventure will fit your requirements.

Ace Adventures regularly caters for small and large groups, single sessions up to multi day packages. We work with selected local suppliers so that we can organise transport, accommodation, food and drink. Our staff also have expert local knowledge and can suggest a range of other locations to visit or things to do in the area.

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