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Ace Team Building Activities

What is a team? In an ideal world a team can be defined as a group of people with a full set of complementary skills required to complete a task, job or project. It has been proved that when a team shares a goal with a strong sense of mutual commitment the performance of the group surpasses the sum performance of its individual members.

Team building is becoming more and more popular in the modern workplace and everyone is looking for new and different ways to motivate employees and encourages cohesive working relationships that benefit both businesses and the individual.

Take the office outdoors, get some fresh air and fresh ideas for your team

At Ace, we can cover all your team building needs. We have several different activities to offer, which promote working as a team through being in time with each other to strategising and making the most of each other’s assets, or even just a general team morale booster. At Ace Auchnagairn we also have a purpose built reception and conference area to host you. We can organise refreshments, lunch, accommodation and transport too if required.

Paintball near Aviemore in Scotland with Ace Adventure.

Bespoke Packages Available

We offer bespoke packages to tailor to your needs. Our most popular packages, though, include white water rafting & cliff jumping and/or paintball. Typically we would start the day with group discussions and exercises with a plan of action for the day before re-evaluating at the end. That way everyone can share their thoughts, views and accomplishments whilst it’s still fresh.
To discuss your team building day and what we can do for you, please contact Ace Adventures direct on 0330 555 0313 today. Alternatively, you can contact us via email With a contact number and time and we’d be happy to give you a call back to discuss it further.

Email: | Tel: 01309 611 729