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Woodland Paintball and Shooting Gallery near Inverness, Aviemore and Elgin

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Woodland Paintball - quality semi automatic Tippman markers, camouflage coverall, optional body armor near Elgin, Aviemore and Inverness in Moray

The paintball site we have at Ace is located by the river Findhorn at Auchnagairn not far from Aviemore and Inverness with lots of natural cover. Dart between the obstacles and pine trees strategically set with a range of traditional paintball games that we play such as capture the flag and top of the hill. Our marshalls will keep you on your toes at the same time as keeping it safe. We have great value packages at only £15.00pp to book then buy paint balls on-site at great rates! Pod of 100 for £5.00, bag of 500 for £20.00 or Box (minimum of 2 per session) of 2000 for £70.00

Available: Daily All Year Round
Duration: Play as long as you like
Price excluding discounts: £15

• Stunning scenery
• Excellent safety record
• Heated change rooms, no roadside changing in the rain
• Experienced Marshall's with a sense of FUN and PASSION!

What is Included:

• Professional Photographs
• Quality Tippman markers (gun) & cammo coveralls (body armor included for children under 14)
• Purpose Built Activity Base with reception, heated changing rooms and ample parking
• Friendly Booking Staff who can assist in your visit to the area from accommodation to transport

What you need to bring:

Location:Auchnagairn, Moray


The minimum age is 12 for this adventure. No previous experience is required, a basic level of fitness isn't essential but may be tactically advantageous.

More Information:


As you journey to the Ace Adventures Base you will see some of Scotland’s most breath-taking natural landscapes. We can organise transport from any local location or provide you with detailed directions making your journey as easy as possible.

Upon arrival you will be met by a member of the Ace team who will introduce you to the location before inviting you into our reception area to start getting your ready for your paintballing session.

Your trip leader will ensure that you receive all the equipment you need and after getting ready in our changing rooms you’re ready to get started!

Before every trip, one of our highly trained and experienced trip leaders will take you through a safety briefing and give you all the information you need to make the most of your adventure.


Just a short 2 minute stroll from the Ace base you will find our woodland war-zone. Before you get started a quick session in the paintball shooting range will give you time to practice and get your eye it. Next you’ll enter the game zone to take part in a number of games, check out these examples below:

•Team Death Match: Split into teams with each player being given 3 lives. If you are shot, loose a life and return to your main base before re-entering the game zone. Once you have lost your lives, you have to return to your base untill your team is victorious or defeated. The objective: eliminate the whole other team.

•Capture the Flag: Each team is set a flag – close to their opponents base. The objective: return your flag to your base, simple!

•Bombing Run: Teams are given the role of defender and attacker. The attacking team is given a “bomb” while the defending team have a “target”. The objective – attacker: place the bomb at the target. The objective – defender: protect the target with your life!

•Predator v.s. Prey: Two unequal teams are created (i.e. 3 and 6) with the smaller team being prey and the larger team predators. If a predator is shot, they are out of the game. If a prey is shot, they become a predator. The objective: eliminate the other team.

•Ace Assasins: Every players name is placed in a kitty. Each player then picks a name or “contract” from the kitty which remains secret untill the game starts. Each player then has 30 seconds to enter the field of play and set up. When the game starts you have to hunt out and eliminate your contract without being shot by your assasin. The Objective: find and eliminte your target without being shot yourself.

•Last Man Standing: Everyman for Himself: It does what it says on the tin.

And many more…


After your adventure relive each moment from the comfort of our reception as you watch a slide show of your whole experience. Take advantage of our selection of hot and cold drinks and snacks. Our knowledgeable local staff will be on hand to answer any of your questions and give helpful advice about the local area.

We will send you all of the pictures straight to your email so that you can revisit them whenever you like.

Book a Findhorn Woodland Paintball Date Online Here

Buy a Findhorn Woodland Paintball Gift Voucher Online Here

 Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase, see voucher terms and conditions

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