Woodland Paintball

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Ace Highlands Woodland Paintball

Make history with your own highland battle at our Woodland Paintball playing fields

Ace uses quality Tippman markers (gun) that are air fed, which means a better quality shot and is more environmentally friendly by not using CO2. The markers use highly pressurised air to fire a 68 caliber ball of paint, which is roughly the size of an old fashioned musket ball. A secure face mask is provided along with coveralls and optional body armour.

There are numerous games and tactics. Essentially the aim is defend yourself from being hit by a paintball, while trying to achieve the objective of the game. It is quite realistic to the real thing, primarily because it can hurt and even leave a bruise when you are shot. One of the reasons paintball is popular, is because it is so realistic the adrenaline pumps.

Paintball in the Ancient Woodlands of Scotland with Ace Adventure.

The Nelson paint company created the first paintballs in the 1960’s made from gelatin capsules used for horse pills that were filled with paint. These were used by cattle ranchers for marking stock and the forestry for marking trees. The first marker was produced as a handgun known as the Nelspot 707 Marker.

The modern game of Paintball began as late as 1981, when the first game open to the public took place in Alabama. By 1982 the first commercial paintball field was opened by NSG and the popularity of the sport quickly traveled across the pond to be established in the UK by 1985.

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Email: bookings@aceadventures.co.uk | Tel: 01309 611 729